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Operating System
  • €8.90
    Microsoft Word 2010

    Word 2010 is a globally recognized software for efficient word processing. 

  • €9.90 -34 %
    Microsoft Word 2016

    It includes many features that make it easier to create and modify texts.

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Word 2013

    The single application Microsoft Office 2013 is suitable for everyday work, at home, at school and at university.

  • €24.90 -17 %
    Microsoft Word 2019

    Share documents and edit them in real time with other colleagues. With the “Smart Search” feature, you can search for information on the web without leaving Word. A simplicity that is second to none.

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Excel 2013

    Compared to previous versions, a single application from the Microsoft Office suite provides an improved user interface that allows you to edit and create tables on your smartphone in addition to your computer. 

  • €8.90
    Microsoft Outlook 2010

    Outlook 2010 is a single application from the well-known Microsoft Office suite. 

  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
    €18.90 -37 %
    Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Email and calendar in one place

    With Microsoft Outlook 2019 you can easily send, receive and manage your emails. You also have the Outlook calendar at hand at all times. With the help of the Microsoft calendar you can plan all your appointments and events.

  • €12.90 -13 %
    Microsoft Outlook 2016

    Outlook 2016 is a standalone application from the Microsoft Office suite.

  • €16.90 -6 %
    Microsoft Project Standard 2016

    Microsoft Project 2016 Standard is aimed at freelancers, the self-employed and small and medium-sized businesses. 

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

    The software is used to create and edit presentations.

  • €8.90
    Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

    PowerPoint 2010 is one of the most popular standalone applications from Microsoft's Office suite. 

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Outlook 2013

    Microsoft Outlook 2013 from the Office suite is one of the most well-known and popular email clients.

  • €8.90
    Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Publisher 2010 is a standalone application from the Microsoft Office suite.

  • €49.90
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2019

    With Visio 2019, you can create professional and engaging diagrams with a variety of new and updated shapes, templates, themes, and effects. You can now easily change shapes in existing charts without losing the layout and shape joints. This allows you to easily change the appearance of your chart without losing the work already done.

  • €24.90 -17 %
    Microsoft Powerpoint 2019

    The numerous new features make it easier to align objects and select colors. The improved conflict resolution simplifies the elimination of problems that occur and can arise during joint pocessing.

  • €8.90
    Microsoft Access 2010

    With the Office Microsoft Access 2010 application for Windows, you can easily create databases that can contain almost unlimited records.

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

    PowerPoint is a globally popular software for creating presentations of all kinds. 

  • €17.90
    Microsoft Project Professional 2016

    Microsoft Project 2016 Professional often stands out positively based on legacy project management software solutions.

  • €16.90 -6 %
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2016

    Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 is a software solution for businesses of all sizes. 

  • €8.90
    Microsoft Excel 2010

    Whether in the store or at home: On the basis of figures, data is collected daily that must be recorded and evaluated. 

  • Microsoft Project Standard 2019
    €79.90 -20 %
    Microsoft Project Professional 2019

    With "Microsoft Project 2019" you plan, control and monitor your own projects. The project management software helps you manage all linked operations.

  • Microsoft Project Standard 2019
    €28.90 -68 %
    Microsoft Project Standard 2019

    With "Microsoft Project 2019" you plan, control and monitor your own projects. The project management software helps you to manage all linked processes.

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Excel 2016

    With the purchase of Microsoft Excel 2016, you acquire a comprehensive tool that allows you to create professional spreadsheets for work, study, school or private life. 

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Project Professional 2010

    Microsoft Project 2010 Professional is aimed at small and medium-sized companies and private users with high demands.

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

    Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard is one of those programs that many potential users don't even know they should use. 

  • Microsoft Visio Standard 2019
    €28.90 -28 %
    Microsoft Visio Standard 2019

    Visio 2019 lets you create professional-looking and beautiful diagrams with a variety of new and updated shapes, stencils, themes, and effects. You can now easily change shapes in existing diagrams without losing layout and shape connections. This makes it easy to change the look of your diagram without losing any work you've already done.

  • €24.90 -17 %
    Microsoft Access 2019

    Create, analyze and manage your internal company data. Status reports are created with just a few clicks of a button. The new features not only improved Office Access 2019: A new product was created!

  • €24.90 -17 %
    Microsoft Excel 2019

    The six new diagram types make the visualization of complex data much easier. The "Recommended Diagrams" function enables you to present data more conveniently. The forecast function enables a view of future developments.

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Publisher 2016

    In Microsoft Publisher 2016, you can buy a single application in Office. 

  • €12.90
    Microsoft Visio Premium 2010

    With the MS Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium Newsletter, business diagrams can be created in a short time.

  • €24.90 -17 %
    Microsoft Publisher 2019

    With the new Office Publisher 2019 you can create professional publications and unique marketing materials. Your publications will make history with the new simplicity

  • €34.90
    Microsoft Skype for Business 2019

    Skype for Business bundles chat, video conferencing, telephone calls and collaborative document creation in a single application. This is how you experience work in a new dimension.

  • €15.90
    Microsoft Project Professional 2013

    Microsoft Project 2013 Professional is primarily aimed at businesses. 

  • €15.90
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

    Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 is used to visualize enterprise data. 

  • €13.90
    Microsoft Visio Standard 2013

    Officially, Microsoft Visio Standard 2013 is aimed at private households, the self-employed and freelancers. 

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Access 2016

    Access 2016 is a standalone application from the Microsoft Office suite. 

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Publisher 2013

    With the publishing software Microsoft Publisher 2013, you can create professional print products such as catalogs, brochures and flyers in just a few steps. 

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Access 2013

    Microsoft Access 2013 is a standalone application from the Office suite. 

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Skype for Business 2016

    For companies, it is important that employees can communicate quickly and effectively. 

  • €15.90
    Microsoft Project Standard 2013

    Microsoft Project 2013 Standard is aimed at home users, freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses. 

  • €12.90
    Microsoft Project Standard 2010

    Project 2010 Standard from Microsoft is the ideal solution for computer-aided planning, editing and execution of projects. 

  • €14.90
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2010

    The goal of Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 is surprisingly simple. 

  • €9.90
    Microsoft Lync 2013

    With Microsoft Lync 2013, you can use instant messaging, audio and video calls, online meetings, presence (presence), and sharing capabilities in an easy-to-use program. It's a leaner version of the full Lync 2013 client with the same basic features.